GE Discovery Branding Concepts

GE Discovery Branding Concepts

With the release of a new product line, GE needed branding for the physical machines and for the software that powered them.

Concept 1: Constellations

Each Discovery product has the potential to explore the human body and discover things that were never seen before. Much like the way that telescopes discover and map the stars. Constellations are a way of looking at the stars and being able to coordinate and recognize certain locations, a lot like how a nuke med scanner analyzes the body and uses key information to locate and determine anomalies.

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GE Discovery Constellations Xeleris 4.0 Website

Concept 2: Elegance

"Our vision for Discovery PET/CT is simple. It doesn't rely on a single technology or feature. It is built on the belief that the best part of discovery is choosing your own course. Finding your own way. Providing personlized care. We live this philosophy every day through our poducts and the people who make them. Discovery defines us. Let discovery define you."

Elegance: the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple.

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