GE Giraffe Carestation Concepts

GE Giraffe Carestation Concepts

GE needed concepts to get their sales team excited and informed about the release of their new Giraffe Carestation, which is an incubator unit for premature born babies.

Concept 1: Full Digital

This concept focused on a completely digital approach. It would lead with an e-blast inviting sales reps to join them in an online release event to help inform them on the product. The event would coincide with the release of an internal phone app, Giraffe Grow, that could be used by sales reps to learn about the features of the machine and help with tracking their customers. While watching the live event, overlays would show sales reps how they could use the app to learn about the functions being shown to them. When the product was finally ready for release to customers, two more apps would become available: Giraffe Play for caregivers to learn how to use the equipment and features, and Giraffe Follow which parents could use to view the health status of their baby, view pictures taken daily by caregivers, have a calendar of appointments, keep a journal of their experiences, and provide them with helpful tips.

GE Giraffe Carestation Digital Invite
GE Giraffe Carestation Digital Presentation
GE Giraffe Carestation Live Presentation
GE Giraffe Carestation Family of Apps

Concept 2: Steps

An intern I was working with, Gillian, came up with the concept of steps. The idea behind the concept was to focus on how tiny the babies feet were and the importance of helping them to take 'steps' forward so that they could grow to have dreams of their own. The sales reps would receive an invite which would have little baby inked foot prints on them to illustrate just how tiny their feet are. Then, at the event, the reps would ink their own feet on a certificate dedicated to a premature baby. There would then be billboards and print ads to accompany the release of the new carestation. Gillian didn't have time to complete her pieces during the school year so I created the visuals for her concept.

GE Giraffe Carestation Steps Invite
GE Giraffe Carestation Steps Certificate
GE Giraffe Carestation Steps Installation
GE Giraffe Carestation Steps Print Ad
GE Giraffe Carestation Steps Billboard