Thermo Scientific Concepts

Thermo Scientific Concepts

Thermo Scientific needed concepts for their branding of a new product (and their existing products) and these are some of the concepts that I worked on.

Concept 1: Scientific

This first concept was focused on illustrating the very point of what the machine does. It analyzes compounds at a molecular level so that it can break down the components it finds. The advertising shows two objects that look exactly the same, using the headline Which one is safe ... alluding to the fact that one isn't. Its not something you can tell visually, but can only be discovered from a molecular stand point.

Thermo Scientific Branding
Thermo Scientific Magazine Ads
Thermo Scientific Billboard

Concept 2: Best Friends

This concept was focused on illustrating the importance of the machine in the lab and its ease of use. Scientists can become very proud of the equipment they use especially when it works perfectly as it should. Thus, the equipment takes on the role of being their best friend in the lab.

Thermo Scientific Best Friend Magazine
Thermo Scientific Best Friend Bus Ad

Concept 3: Real Detectives

Real detectives was a concept my co-worker Ignacio came up with. The idea behind the concept was that the scientists who were performing tests were just like detectives, solving the crime of what potentially harmful compounds might be in a product. I helped him execute this by photographing another co-work, Chris, in both a lab suit and a detective outfit. We then went out in the field and got some environment shots using a ladder. I stitched everything together post process, also using renders of a lab to create a final ad showing the scientist both in his lab environment and in the space he was testing.

Thermo Scientific Real Detectives