Imbio Branding Concepts

Imbio Branding Concepts

While at JWD-Creative we had the opportunity to work with a company called Imbio, which uses quantitative image processing to detect anomalies in the body. We were tasked with coming up with an entire rebranding from the tagline to the logo to all the visuals. The first step in my process was creating a mood board, and testing out a few initial design ideas.

Imbio Concept Board

Concept 1: The Biomarker

The first concept I came up with was using a simple circle as a representation of a biomarker. I then utilized the circle through repetition and placement to give a visual representation of how the technology worked. The idea for the logo was to have an 'infinite solutions' method where it could be represented by a dynamic layering of circles, once again representing the technology honing in on anomalies using biomarkers.

Imbio Biomarker Board
Imbio Biomarker Intro
Imbio Print Pieces
Imbio Business Cards
Imbio Art Board

Concept 2: Data Points

For the second approach, I looked more at the quantitative data direction of their software. They use thousands of medical images and compare them to help analyze the new imagery. I once again decided to use circles to represent this information, but I structured it in a form to show how the data computes itself into an image. I explored numerous ways images could be treated and how icons could be created using these data points.

Imbio Data Points Intro
Imbio Data Points Logo Treatment
Imbio Data Points Brochure
Imbio Data Points Image Treatment One
Imbio Data Points Image Treatment Two
Imbio Data Points Logo Variations
Imbio Data Points Art Board

Concept 3: Mosaic

An approach one of my co-workers, Chris, came up with was to use a mosaic style approach. We discussed the direction he wanted the design to go and then I executed the visuals for him. For the mosaics we used real clinical images to build up the 'bigger' image. At some point Imbio had mentioned the old clinical images they had would be viewed on slides with rounded corners, so I overlapped the shapes of some rounded squares to create a logo that represented the mosaic style. In the end, they chose to use the logo from this concept and some of the visual direction, and they also incorporated some of the direction from my other concept Data Points, such as the icons being built with data points.

Imbio Mosaic Imagery
Imbio Mosaic Logo
Imbio Mosaic Report